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Central Park Sightseeing Carriage Rides

Operating Hours 10am-11pm daily

Departure Location: 59st and 6th ave. Show your voucher to the carriages who have “Central Park Sightseeing” sign.

Each Carriage can take up to 4 adults or 3 adults and 2 kids under 12 years old. 


Please NOTE from 5PM-630PM, There are fewer carriages than normal due to the driver shift change. For any questions or assistance call our store number 212-975-0785 from 9AM-7PM daily. 

All prices are per carriage (up to four people), not per person.
Central Park Horse and Carriage

There is nothing more romantic or charming than seeing Central Park from the back of a horse-drawn carriage. The feeling of stepping back a little in time is one never to be forgotten. Sitting shoulder to shoulder beside the person you love as you meander through the most beautiful park in Manhattan, wondering if he or she planned for the stars to come out early is one of the most whimsical of lover's dreams. Perhaps there will be a proposal... or perhaps just being near each other is perfection. The soft jostle of the carriage rocking to the gait of the horse ahead and the gentle sound of hooves on pavement are a balm to the soul you will feel as your guide points out several popular and some secret places of NYC's crown jewel of parks. If you have eyes only for the person beside you, ignore the guide. He won't mind at all.


On the other hand, Central Park Sightseeing's prearranged horse and carriage rides allow up to four adults per carriage. We will try to accommodate all the sights you wish to see and more. Perfect for any family outing or a birthday party for your prince or princess of any age. They will see the park with new eyes forever more and maybe keep that magic within them for so much longer than the 45 minutes of the average carriage ride.


However, an increasingly popular favorite is the single-person carriage ride. Sit back and relax in the privacy and safety of your personal carriage as your guide shows you New York’s Central Park as you have always wished to see it. Take your time, have fun and ‘play tourist’ – even if you aren’t one.


Allow Central Park Sightseeing's trained professionals help you plan everything to show your love to your significant other. Whether that person will be saying “Yes! I will marry you”, blowing out a candle on their birthday cupcake, or taking time to stop and smell the roses, making each ride special is what we do.


Operation Days: Daily, year-round.

Horse and Carriage Departure Point: 59th Street and 6th Avenue, New York, NY 10019

Duration: 45 minutes

Hours: 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM


Duration:20 or 50 minutes approximately


Summer/Fall:In warm weather, dress light, wear sunblock & bring comfortable shoes.
Winter/Spring:In cool weather, wear layered clothing to ensure comfort.