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An Ode to the Row Boat

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If you haven’t already taken a float in one of the row boats at the esteemed Loeb Boathouse, you are truly missing out on a delicious, celebrity experience. For only $15 you can spend the most magical hour of your lifetime with a person you love (yes, this can be you), the person you like, or a person you just kind of like because there’s no place to tolerate someone than when you are truly happy on a boat. Surprisingly, there are about 100 boats available daily for people to enjoy. The fact that dozens of row boats can exist in the same place while maintaining the serene balance of peace and beauty is astounding and unquestionable: a feat only Central Park could pull off. Do you really want to be that person who hasn’t changed their profile picture on Facebook to you in a boat, legs propped up looking fabulous, hair hanging flawlessly, and the brightest smile water falling off your face because you can’t believe you have never experienced as much joy as sitting in a row boat? Definitely not so let’s get out there!

The numerous reasons to visit these boats cannot be expressed by some simple words, albeit here we go anyway. Countless and timeless movies have been pictured at this historic site, including The Odd Couple, When Harry Met Sally, and, the real winner in my book, 27 Dresses. Not to mention, The Loeb Boathouse also provides gondola rides (if weather cooperates-does it ever??), thus this is the location to reach when you need to feel calm, collected, and a little like Katherine Heigl. The answer as to why so many movies have filmed in this location is a no-brainer as soon as you see it for yourself. The Loeb Boathouse is located in such a quintessential location: it defies the fact that it is simultaneously minutes away from the bustle and rumbling of the city while seemingly planted in the heart of a northeastern forest, surrounded by luscious, huge trees and the lovely accompanying tree smell. Okay, I get it, tree smell is fine, but is it really magical? The answer is a resounding YES. Shame on you for ever doubting the tree smell surrounding this gorgeous puddle of water. Indubitably, the smell is not everything. The ambiance, the people, the quiet wrinkle of the water as you gently paddle to a destination unbeknownst to you at the moment, and the feeling of knowing you found a pocket of heaven in this crowded, crazy city seeps into your heart makes the row boat so much more than just a row boat. The row boat is meditation: it’s calmness and fun intertwined. The row boat is so much more than a row boat.

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