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Experience Valentine’s Day Like a Princess!

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Romantic ride in a horse-drawn carriage in Central ParkWe love New York City, but truth be told, it can get a bit gloomy in February when the glamour of the holiday celebrations and the anticipation of the new year are long over. Although spring offers several exciting things to do during the sunnier and warmer weather, it is still a long ways off from the current season’s snowstorms. Fortunately, to help brighten things up until then, Valentine’s Day comes along in February.

Whether you are a romantic, foodie, sporty, or an artsy couple, this is the period to showcase your love in the city of New York as countless other couples flood the area to celebrate their unyielding affection. The following is for the ladies who want to feel like that beautiful princess being swept off her feet, as well as the men who don’t mind feeling like a prince for a day. Some women may even want something out of the blue, an over-the-top, no expense-spared, one-of-a-kind adventure on Valentine’s Day. If you are searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day treat for your loved one, a day they’ll recall in wonder long after the day has become a memory, then we have the perfect suggestion for you.

How about a romantic ride in a horse-drawn carriage? Just before or after enjoying a Valentine’s Day candlelit meal, you could surprise your beloved with a 15-20 minute or 45-50 minute private, passionate getaway in a carriage that will take you to see the sights in Central Park. Glamorously colored in red, white, black, or purple and gilded with decorative trim in beautiful golds and whites, the carriages are sure to make a statement for your surprise proposal, wedding ceremony in the park, vow renewal on Bow Bridge, or simply an iconic Valentine’s Day date.

Spending these moments in a carriage with that special someone is a relaxing, fun and seemingly unforgettable experience. You can make it a low-key ride through New York’s backyard, or a fancy affair, where you are dressed to the nines in fabulous evening wear. Sitting in your luxurious personal carriage, relaxed and covered in a warm, fluffy blanket as your guide shows you New York’s Central Park in a new light.

I don’t know if it’s because we’re romantics here, but love anchored on the classics makes it a whole new Valentine’s Day experience altogether, even if you are a native New Yorker. And for those of us normally ready for spring by mid-February, this is one scenic occasion when snowflakes could elevate the entire experience. The Valentine’s Day reservation will include a small box of Godiva chocolates and a single long stem rose for your significant other. We also provide the option to add-on more roses or a professional photography package for an additional fee. 

By the way, who does not want to leave a lasting impression on their lover’s mind?

We at Central Park Sightseeing love seeing smiles on people’s face. And we want to give you the absolute best horse and carriage ride experience possible. With our quality carriage experience, we’ve been able to give our riders some of the best moments of their lives during their time in NYC. And we’ll help make this Valentine’s Day a memorable one for both you and your loved ones. 

Carriage reservations can be made in advance for Valentine’s Day on our website or by phone at (212) 975-0785. Please note that there are no cancellations or refunds for all carriage reservations made for February 14th. 

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