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Central Park Pedicab Tour

    • Each pedicab tour brings you to see the top iconic destinations inside Central Park.
    • Each tour makes about 2-3 stops along the way if you would like get out and take pictures.
    • Each driver is licensed tour guide and if you would like hear about anything specific please let them know when you board the pedicab.
    • Please note each pedicab seats up to three moderate sized adults.
    • 1 Hour Pedicab Tour – $125, per pedicab
    • Central Park Sightseeing Store Location
    • 56 W 56th Street, Between 5th and 6th Avenues
  • How many people fit in a pedicab?

    Each pedicab seats up to three moderate sized adults.

    Can I stop to take pictures?

    Yes, you can certainly stop along the way to take photos while on your ride. Each pedicab makes three to five stops along the route. Just let your driver know where you would like to take a photo along the way.

    Where does it go?

    Both tours depart from our store location at 56 W 56th Street and then follow different routes through Central Park. The one hour tour travels the lower loop allowing you to see many of the key attractions including Bethesda Terrace with the Angel Fountain, the Carousel, Strawberry Fields and so much more! The two-hour tour follows this loop and travels up past the Lake and the Museum of Natural History including Belvedere Castle and the Marionette Theatre! It’s a wonderful tour that will give you a great experience through Central Park!

    Where does the tour end?

    The tours usually end near 59th Street and Columbus Circle, a prime location for more sightseeing or to travel to your next adventure!


Departure Location: 56 W 56th Street, New York, NY 10019

How is our pedicab tour?

Pedicabs have been called many things throughout the years and are widely used around the world as a swift, ecologically friendly means of transportation in small and large cities alike. They were introduced to the United States in 1962 at the Seattle World’s Fair for transportation around the fairgrounds. Many cities caught on to the easy use of cycle-driven taxis and New York City was no exception.

Central Park Sightseeing’s fleet of pedicabs is ready to show you and your family the wonders of Central Park. If your family is diverse in energy and athleticism, finding a tour that comfortably accommodates everyone can be almost impossible. Smaller children find it harder to keep up with adults when walking or biking through the park. People in your family with impairments may find longer walks daunting – particularly in a group setting. Let our pedicabs take you on a tour your entire family can appreciate at the same pace.

Central Park is six miles long and over a mile wide, full of manicured landscapes, bridges, and stunning views. If you are visiting New York City as a group, the park can seem overwhelming to try and tackle. Central Park Sightseeing’s tour guides know how to manage any group of any size and able to show this beautiful outdoor monument to its fullest extent. There is ample time to take pictures since you don’t have to watch where you are driving!

These tours can last from one to two hours in the park, or can be extended to include any neighbourhood in Manhattan. The price of the tour includes the rental of the pedicab, which seats two adults or two adults and one child.

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