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Central Park Tandem Bike Rentals

  • Riding a tandem bike around the most famous park in Manhattan could be the most romantic thing to do in NYC. Central Park Sightseeing’s tandem bicycle equipment is always ready for your quiet escape for two around the interior of Manhattan and into the wilds of winding bike paths, learning a bit about each other as you ride.

    If you have never ridden a tandem bike, our knowledgeable staff will show you how to do so and what to expect while you ride through Central Park. Words like Captain and Stoker will be explained and, though the first starts and stops might be rocky, you will soon be enjoying your time together doing something you both will come to love.

    • 3 HOUR – $50.00
    • 1 HOUR – $30.00
    • 2 HOUR – $40.00
    • 4 HOUR – $60.00
    • DayPASS(9am-5pm) – $80.00

Departure Location: Tandem Bike Rental Departure Point: 56 W 56th Street, New York, NY 10019

Tandem riding isn’t just for lovers. More and more companies are using tandem biking as a team building exercise. You see, in order to ride a tandem bike well, the two riders have to work together. The Captain is in charge; he controls the bike’s direction and speed. He stabilizes the bike for the Stoker, who has to follow the lead and cadence of the Captain’s pedalling. He has to adjust the pedals while stopped to match the Captain’s leading foot. More and more Manhattan companies are turning to Central Park Sightseeing’s tandem bike rentals to guide their employees through Central Park to build stronger teams within their firms and corporations. Allow Central Park Sightseeing to help your corporation plan its next event in the greenest part of NYC.

We encourage you to not only have a memorable experience in Central Park, but to share that experience in this unique offer. At Central Park Sightseeing we wish to cultivate memories that will last a lifetime.

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